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I can touch this photoLook at my boat

    The photograph attached to this article is 48 years old. Of course you are looking at a digital representation on an electronic device while I was holding the actual photograph. This photograph was printed the same week it was taken by a camera that most likely was plastic, most certainly loaded with film, and then lived in a frame until I removed it for this article. 

    Did you take a photograph with your phone, or digital camera, last week. I predict that if you do not have a print made of that photograph you will not have that photograph in two years. Chances are you will not even have the same phone in two years. 

    There was time when many thought computers using a cassette tape to store data was as good as it could get. Then diskettes, the big eight inch ones arrived. That TRS-80 computer was fabulous. Then the eight inch disk shrunk to an amazing five inches, then 3.5 inches! And then there were super drives, and zip disks, and CDs, and DVDs. Then the USB flash drive arrived and somebody somewhere said “How do I get my records off my old disks?” 

    Jump over to the Sony Mavica digital camera with a floppy in the camera, where are those photos now? Does your computer have a disk drive to recall photo files you may have stored on a CD? Just like the resume I stored on a 3.5 inch floppy, the photos I took with the camera attachment on my “state-of-the art” Palm are not accessible. 

    If you can’t touch the photograph you will not have the photograph in the future. That is my point. Cameras in cell phones are kick ass phenomenal; and that’s coming from a professional photographer who started a photography career in 1976. But if you don’t make something tangible with that photograph, the odds of it surviving technology that obsoletes itself every six months is pretty slim.

    You don’t have to print them all. But the ones that memorialize your life story are too valuable to trust to a cloud. Cloud is maybe an unfortunate name for something that is advertised and depicted as safe storage. Clouds come and go in hours and minutes. Clouds change with the wind. Clouds don’t last. And neither will your unprinted digital photos. If you can’t touch it…



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Business Cards, Obsolete? https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/business-cards-obsolete Business Cards, Obsolete? Blog

At the beginning of the year (2016) I went through the business cards I collected over the past three years. Through networking and cold calling, referrals and chance meetings, introductions and assignments, I had amassed a lot of business cards. Too many to keep up with, actually. I have given presentations and have a white paper on Business Card Basics, but should you care? Are these pieces of scrap paper piling up near, or on, your desk really necessary? After all, aren't these contacts in your phone? Is this practice of trading business cards obsolete in a world gone mad with social media and technology? I believe the answer is a resounding, NO.

Blog Out of sight out of mind, remember that adage? That is why I think business cards are still important. A business card is a tangible item, not a fleeting electron that is forgotten once the "save" button is hit to be lost in the abyss of the cloud or your hard drive (which is going to fail at some time). The challenge is not getting overwhelmed by the number of cards collected and purging the collection.

I suggest you purge your business card collection into four categories.

The first and most important category is Clients. You have done business with these people and have the best opportunity of future business with them. They are happy customers. They made it possible to pay your mortgage and go on vacation. These cards are platinum to you, or diamonds, whatever, they are the people and businesses you must not forget. You must stay in touch through thank-you notes, coupons, referrals, or just a phone call to check-up on them. You need to keep up with these people who are responsible for your success. Blog

The second category is businesses and people that may not be clients, yet, but you have trust in them and want to refer them to people who could use their services. You may know these businesses through a club or organization; and you know if you refer them they will do a great job. By making a referral you are also putting your own reputation on the line, so you only refer what you know to be the best. Of course many of your referrals will be your clients, and if they are not, maybe by making the referral you will create a client in the future.

Blog The third category I call Golden Prospects. You may not know these people but you know they need your services or products. You want an introduction to these people. You google their business. You believe they are the kind of client you want. Perhaps you got a brief introduction at a social event and want to follow up. Maybe you read about them or saw them in the news. You are looking at this business card and thinking there is opportunity.  Blog

The fourth category I refer to as time wasters. These are the cards you have of businesses that no longer exist. This is a business that is a real long shot for you. You have tried to no avail to make them a client and for various reasons they don't qualify to be in category two (you would not refer them). Most of you know the principle that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Yes, persistence is a key to success. But, beating a dead horse achieves nothing. Throw that card away. Better yet, put it in a recycle bin. Do not waste any more time on an egg that will not hatch. Ok, enough metaphors.

Good luck with your business card purge. If you need help with photography for your business card, that's what I do. And, I can refer you to printers and graphic designers. Business cards are not obsolete. They are the best tangible item you can share that can leave an impression or remind you to follow up for future business. No batteries required.



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America by Train https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/america-by-train See America, travel by train. Riding Amtrak from north to south, from New York to Lynchburg, is a little boring after you have done it a few times. It's true I enjoy the train much better than the super-hassle of air travel. I am not sure I have not had a delayed flight in the last 20 years. Not to mention incredibly uncomfortable seats, baggage boondoggles, and missed connections. Train travel, if available, is my choice. This trip made me think a little more as I zipped by landscape that was not your typical post card America. Although I have made this trip several times, this time it bothered me more.

As the train reaches cruising speed you can settle into a hypnotic clickety-clack. Or, you can stare out the window at some of the most distressed areas in the country. I suppose at one time living and working near the train tracks was the choice for commerce and travel. But as roads and air travel improved, people and businesses moved further and further away from the tracks. And as this photograph shows the edge of the tracks provides endless canvasses for art in many places. I have wondered how they make those bulbous letters and have always wondered what they mean. Is it code? Is it a language I never learned in school? And when did they do that?

If you have an old car leave it down by the tracks. Nobody will mind. This might be somebody's business, or not. The brick chimney tells me a building once stood here. A lot of buildings used to hug the tracks.

Just for a minute let me explain the photographs. They were taken with a Canon G1X MKII. My travel camera of choice. All photographs were taken from inside the train, late in the day, while the train was moving. Blur is evident, but that's what you get; and that's what I wanted to some extent. Once I looked at the photographs as a group I thought I had photographed a devastated city after an apocalyptic event (maybe I did). 

My travel companions and I wondered what did the people who lived in these areas do for a living. How far do they have to go to work? How many of them would be willing to work a few hours on a day off to clean up the areas by the tracks? Have they been treated unfairly by employers, laid off as businesses moved away, are they happy?

The ladder in this photograph intrigues me. Would you climb it? When that building was constructed the norm was big tall windows. You don't see that too much anymore. Do you think that roof leaks?

When you get close to a big city (DC) the starkness does not really change. If you drive by car into a big city you have traffic. The photographs below don't portray much hustle and bustle as you arrive by train. This was a weekday.

While gazing at the system of cables and wires that power our train I was thinking how amazed I was when the Brits and the French built the Chunnel to connect them. That train is fast, at least it looked fast when Tom Cruise landed on it while being chased by a helicopter (the movie, remember?). Do you think if the U.S. focused more on trains and less on automobiles we would be better off?

I must confess when the train crossed the river I just wanted to catch the water. I did not realize until later I had captured rowing crews in training. Of all the photos in this collection this is one of two that has people in it. There is irony that in all the buildings I photographed, no people. But when I crossed a river...

The sun was now becoming a challenge. I have to hide it behind structures. It's getting close to the best time of day to take photographs but I am sitting on the wrong side of the train. 

When the train stopped to disembark and board passengers it is surprising how empty some of the stops are. At Penn Station in NYC the ebb and flow of riders is sometimes an inescapable vortex of humanity whose sole purpose is to keep you from your gate. In southwest Virginia the only people who rush like that are transplants from the north. However, sometimes the buffet at Shoney's can get like that when the fresh pan of bacon arrives.

Darkness, and almost the end of the line. Only one more stop until I disembark. The train is almost empty. I get off at the last stop, Lynchburg. Virginia, not Tennessee, big difference. Considering pretty comfortable seats, wide aisles, a dining car with reasonable prices, low fares, wi-fi (a little spotty), easy cell phone use, a quiet car if you so desire, and views of America by the tracks, train travel beats air travel every day for me.

But I am disturbed by the amount of urban decay you can see. People seem to think it's OK to dump trash by the tracks. Property owners seem to have no interest in re-purposing buildings. Perhaps the problem is toxic waste and no money to clean up before another use. Railroad ties are toxic. Many of the industries that lined the tracks had something toxic in their product or waste. We show people our National Parks and Monuments with pride. We build massive arenas for sports that are used only a few months a year. Municipalities spend tens of thousands of dollars on consultants to learn how to "re-vitalize" their cities and neighborhoods. Take the train, perhaps you will see some answers.

charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) Canon Lynchburg NYC Whitescarver disturbed photography train https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/america-by-train Sun, 10 Jan 2016 22:50:12 GMT
Constitution Day, Newcastle, Virginia, 2014 https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/constitution-day Newcastle Constitution Day I don't recall New York City, or Philadelphia, or even Roanoke, ever having a Constitution Day. But, they had one in Newcastle. At the intersection of Rt 311 and Rt 42, Newcastle, Virginia, held a day to celebrate the Constitution. Churches, business and civic groups, musicians, vendors, and spectators converged in the middle of the street...no, that's not right. They could not close the street for some reason. Not enough time for all the proper permits to move through bureaucracy. So the street was open with vendors on the sidewalk. Newcastle Constitution Day

Looking closely you could see this was different from some other festivals you may have been to. Most notably, practically everyone was wearing a firearm. You see, this was supposed to be Open Carry Day. I was told they could not call it Open Carry Day due to insurance concerns. So they called it Constitution Day. Which was a good thing. They celebrated free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to bear arms. They also celebrated good food, bluegrass music, and small town friendliness.

Newcastle Constitution Day Bluegrass music, burgers and BBQ, handmade crafts, and a Cowboy style shootin' match on the courthouse lawn, and smiles everywhere. The food was inexpensive and you got to see state champion fast draw action. Those people were fast. If you are not familiar with single action revolvers you will not appreciate how fast those competitors were. Newcastle Constitution Day Newcastle Constitution Day

Newcastle Constitution Day Constitution day was not as well attended as I remember from last year's Open Carry Day; but the people were just as nice and welcoming to a guy walking around with a camera. In the Spring Newcastle will host the Prepper's Festival on April 18. That will be the second year for that event and will attract thousands. Newcastle Constitution Day

At one time, about one hundred years ago, Newcastle was a bustling mining town. Taking advantage of its rural location and using social media, Newcastle is being discovered as great place to enjoy the outdoors and find some unique folk art. 

You will also be able to find someone who can school you on muzzle velocity, hand loading, building a fire without matches, and bullet drop at 400 meters. 

Some will shy away from this type of gathering. And it is unfortunate that some of the things celebrated in Newcastle cause such polarization, even in southwest Virginia. My conversations and questions made a few people cringe and I was not expecting some of the harsh attitude. Well, maybe I was expecting it, I just didn't want to believe some people can close their minds so tightly. 

The news today has most of the world expecting the United States to lead the charge against terrorism and a deadly pandemic. The U.S.A. did not become the nation that others look to for help by being divided. But we should not wait until the last possible moment to come together to over come a global threat. (Stepping off soapbox)

Constitution Day was fun, colorful, musical, educational, and peaceful.  Good job Newcastle. Newcastle Constitution Day

Newcastle Constitution Day


charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) Constitution Newcastle blue grass crafts festival food open carry https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/constitution-day Tue, 30 Sep 2014 19:25:26 GMT
Football Photo Day at CHS https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/football-photo-day-at-chs I don't photograph a lot of sports, but I was excited to be hired by NRVFootball.com (a Division of Northview Media) to take team photos of some area football teams for a new publication. The plan was to be on the field under a bright sun where a little fill flash would compliment the sunlight. CHS 2014 Photo Day The reality was a rainy day that forced the operation into the gym under troublesome artificial light.

The shoot was scheduled as part of the annual photo day when the company that publishes the yearbook would come for photographs. I was just another guy with a camera. Parents and boosters milled around while the official yearbook photographers staged the groups of players. JV, varsity, seniors, starters, positions, they all had their time in front of the camera.

The mood was happy among the players and it is easy to forget that under all that equipment is, in most cases, only partly grown teenage boys. Yet, you are looking at hulking football players. The coaches had things in control but the real leader was the yearbook advisor. She got things going and made sure they kept going. What was just a little sad was the stern faces all the players and coaches assumed during their photographs. And underneath that stern look was a teenage boy waiting to laugh and cut up. Fortunately, I got them to act out a little. CHS 2014 Photo Day


The other photographers were friendly and we shared stories and posed questions to each other. Kymn Davidson-Hamley has known most of the CHS 2014 Photo Day players since they were little, having had sons on the team herself. She is an accomplished sports photographer and serves as the unofficial team photographer. You can see her photographs on Facebook. Look her up.

As group after group lined up and sat down for their photograph parents and spectators snapped away with phones, point and shoot cameras, bridge cameras, and pro DSLRs. I experienced a little jealousy as the yearbook photographers had Norman flashes with battery packs. But my speedlight did an admirable job.

The football season brings the community together on Friday nights. My hope is that all these young men get through the season without injury and if they win they are humble; and, if they lose may they be good sports. May the fans be courteous in victory and defeat. May sportsmanship and fair play be the norm. Check out the rest of the photographs in the gallery CHS Football Photo Day. CHS 2014 Photo Day CHS 2014 Photo Day CHS 2014 Photo Day

CHS 2014 Photo Day

charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) 2014 Christiansburg football high school https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/football-photo-day-at-chs Sat, 09 Aug 2014 20:29:24 GMT
Downstream, drink it up if you dare https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/downstream-drink-it-up-if-you-dare Downstream. Or should I be talking about upstream? A recent photo shoot, and the fact my brother is a natural resources consultant, inspired this rant. As I watched the muddy water in the creek flow past I started thinking about cows in the creek, cow manure in the creek, what that is doing to the creek I was watching, and how it could be a metaphor for an important life lesson.

Here's the deal. Ranchers let their cows in the creek causing erosion of the stream beds and polluting the creek with urine and feces. Let's just say it, cows shit in the creek. The creek runs into a river, the river runs past a town that pulls some of the water for drinking. The river continues to flow into the ocean with all manner of bacteria, toxins, and other agricultural products like fertilizers. (Google Toledo water emergency) All this stuff makes the water muddy, stink, not drinkable and not very well suited to support aquatic life.

Ranchers can follow some simple guidelines and get help from several government agencies (including big $$$) to build riparian buffers and better watering systems for their livestock. Think about the cow in the stream relieving herself and and the cow downstream drinking that water; do you want to eat that burger?

Riparian BufferTrees and vegetation act as natural filters and cows are fenced out. Here is a riparian buffer. Trees and indigenous plants along the stream whose root systems cleanse the runoff before it gets in the stream. The livestock get water from a trough (fresh water with no pee or manure in it). The vegetation along the banks prevents erosion, fish and aquatic animals can flourish. The water becomes clear, wildlife benefits, cows benefit, people benefit, and the rancher benefits. 

This riparian buffer has a muddy stream because the rancher upstream is too lazy to keep his cows out of the creek. His cows are indirectly, no, actually directly, shitting on the Chesapeake Bay and everyone else downstream. One rancher took the time to do his ranch and those downstream right, he put in the buffer. But the one upstream, even though he could get $$$ and help, has done nothing. I will be polite and just call him selfish.

Riparian BufferMuddy water is caused by the upstream rancher letting his cows in the creek. Poseidon, please put your trident up that rancher's backside. If farmers and other polluters don't get with the program then this fisherman will have empty nets.

P1050494.JPGFisherman P1060015.JPGPoseidonYou know what to do with that trident...





Here is the metaphor. What you do and say goes downstream. What I have said in this blog goes downstream. It may spur someone to action or just upset someone. But the consequences flow downstream. A nice gesture, in the spirit of "pay it forward", flows downstream. You don't know exactly who it will affect most of the time; but rest assured, things you do flow downstream. So don't let your cows in the creek. Make sure what you send downstream is good for those along the way.

charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) buffer cows downstream riparian https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/downstream-drink-it-up-if-you-dare Wed, 06 Aug 2014 14:41:07 GMT
Support your local newspaper https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/support-your-local-newspaper I was introduced and had a meeting with Alice De Sturler, a professional blogging coach. She gave me some great advice and the most important 

tid-bit was " Alice De Sturler, Blogging CoachAlice de Sturler, Blogging Coach talking to Jami Ryan discipline". Discipline to write this blog; after all, I write for and photograph for several 

publications, why not keep up with my own blog?

I just finished uploading all the photographs I have taken in 2013 and 2014 for the local newspapers. Newspapers don't need high resolution so they are not super crisp like my other professional work. But they are photographs of people and the events that happen in my neck

Radford 4th of July of the woods, the New River Valley of southwest Virginia. The Radford News Journal and the Montgomery News Messenger are local, so local they have columns about things outsiders probably will not understand. These papers don't have big fancy websites, but they do have websites; and they have Facebook pages. You should visit them. But what you should do is subscribe to the newspapers.

Picking for Pooches You can have the local paper in your mailbox twice a week. You don't need to log on to anything to read it. You will know if Wade's is going to have chicken on sale. You will see the results of little league soccer. You can read about the local high school's latest theater production. You can find out how your local politicians feel about grid lock in Richmond or garbage recycling in Christiansburg. You can read articles written by your neighbors, real people. Things that aren't necessarily trending on your digital devices. I still have newspaper clippings from 20 years ago (even


Memorial Day Service, Radford, VA, 2014 The point is to support a very important local business, your local newspapers. You can support them by submitting articles, news, tell them about upcoming events (don't be shy). And of course you can subscribe. Enjoy the photos if you visit the gallery.


charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) News Journal News Messenger newspaper support https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/support-your-local-newspaper Sun, 13 Jul 2014 16:55:43 GMT
Matt Hagan Outdoors store opens in Fairlawn https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/matt-hagan-outdoors-store-opens-in-fairlawn Matt Hagan Outdoors Store This past Monday, November 25, was opening day for one of the most unique stores in the area. Matt Hagan Outdoors opened its doors on Lee Highway in Fairlawn.  It is located in the new retail space on the hill across from Kroger. Hagan, who lives and farms in Childress, was the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Mello Yellow Drag Racing Series Funny Car Champion in 2011.


According to the NHRA the store is a collaboration by Don Schumacher Racing and one of its main sponsors, Rocky Boots. Rocky is a world leader in rugged outdoor footwear. Matt Hagan Outdoors Store


The General Manager of the new store, Al Shelor, recently attended Rocky Brand University and learned about Rocky boots and their other brands Durango, Georgia, and Rocky 4eur (sic) Sole. Shelor will have managerial assistance from Lynn Alderman and Joe Hodge.


Matt Hagan Outdoors Store “We have several more lines of merchandise coming in next week,” said Shelor. Currently the store is 6,000 square feet of clothing, footwear, and outdoor accessories featuring brand names like Browning, Ariat boots and clothing, Cinch western clothes, and Australian rugged wear from Kakadu. The store is well stocked for the holiday season with more on the way.


The western motif is a reflection of the style of apparel preferred by Hagan or any outdoor enthusiast.  Hats from Stetson and Kenny Chesney are available and fit in with most any style from casual to dress.


The store concept just began in June and has come together quickly in order to open before Thanksgiving.  The speed of opening has left some empty spaces in the spacious store but Shelor said more inventory will be arriving this week, including gourmet food items and more clothing. Matt Hagan Outdoors Store


Future plans include adding another 1,500 square feet of store space to accommodate firearms and ammunition coming in January. A website will also be launched, soon.


Staff attended several hours of training this past Sunday to prepare for the opening. As the cold weather blankets the area shoppers will have a new homegrown choice for their holiday gifts and winter clothing. Store hours will be 10-8 Monday through Saturday and 11-8 on Sunday. Matt Hagan Outdoors Store

charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) Fairlawn Matt Hagan Rocky Whitescarver boots outdoors https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/matt-hagan-outdoors-store-opens-in-fairlawn Wed, 27 Nov 2013 17:00:00 GMT
Tag, You've been Phasered https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/tag-youve-been-phasered High Tech Tag at NRV Superbowl


LazerTag You walk into a dark room and struggle to place your feet in front of you safely. You are wearing an electronic vest with sensors on your chest, back and shoulders. In your hands is a phaser, gripped tightly and ready for action. Your ears are assaulted by a loud speaker and blaring music. Slowly your eyes adjust to the myriad of glow in the dark plants and obstacles; you spot movement disappearing behind a barrier and hear foot steps above you. Adrenaline begins to pump through your veins as you try to remember this is just a game of tag.


The LazerZone opened at the NRV Superbowl in Christiansburg this month. This is not your grandfather’s game of tag. Teams and individuals pay to play in a two level high tech arena filled with lasers, fog, black lights, loud music, and a robot dinosaur. The jungle themed futuristic play ground replaced eight bowling lanes at the NRV Superbowl. 


Bowlers don’t need to worry as plenty of lanes remain for bowlers. But, if they get tired of the pace of knocking down pins they can suit up and tag their opponents in a totally different game of skill and cunning.


LazerTag Tara Keith, Party Manager at the NRV Superbowl, is not shy about her excitement over the new facility. Up to 24 players can compete in the LazerZone. First, everyone must go through a safety orientation and then suit up with vests and phasers. Entering the arena is disorienting as it takes a few minutes for your eyesight to adjust. And even then the flashing lights, lasers, and fog make for an adrenalin filled rush. LazerTag


The object is to tag your opponents with your phaser. Vests register tags and momentarily shut off when tagged. A computer counts tags for players and teams. A game session lasts ten minutes; at the end winners are declared. You can also engage the Warbot, a formidable dinosaur robot that can track players and tag them as he towers over the arena. LazerTag


Keith said “Players are blown away at their first sight of the arena.” Safety is a primary concern and a game marshall is present in the arena with the power to remove or deactivate players who don’t follow the rules.  Two hands must be on the phaser for it to work. Physical contact, running, jumping and offensive language are not permitted. You must be seven years of age or 40 inches tall to participate.


LazerTag Players of all ages have already tried their skill in the LazerZone and Keith said that forming leagues and teams will happen in the future. The NRV Superbowl is located at 375 Arbor Drive in Christiansburg. For information on the LazerZone or bowling, call 540-382-5525.

charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) Christiansburg LazerZone NRV Superbowl bowling laser tag https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/tag-youve-been-phasered Wed, 20 Nov 2013 16:26:16 GMT
Newcastle Festival https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/newcastle Newcastle Open Carry Day Newcastle, Virginia, used to be a bustling town with hotels and restaurants and commerce fueled by the mines in Craig County.  But the mines closed down and now Craig County is best known for its natural beauty, hunting, camping, hiking, and recently lots of bears.  But our trip to Newcastle was to walk the historic Main Street during a festival and enjoy the people and the food of one of the friendliest places in Virginia.

We did not realize that after parking close to the festivities the first thing we would see was a gentleman wearing state-of-the-art Google Glass.  Nathan was eager to show us how it worked.  We put on the cool specs and with a tap of the finger we could take a photograph or ask a question and see the answer.  Nathan was one of the few to have the privilege of beta testing what may one day adorn all our faces. Christi wearing Google GlassNewcastle Festival

Further down the street we began to smell what is usually our favorite thing about street festivals, food.  I wish I could remember who these ladies were (they refused to be photographed) but they had some of the best chicken wings.not battered, but coated in a sweet hot sauce that had to have honey as an ingredient. Really good chicken wingsNewcastle Festival  They would not tell us the recipe, drat.  Sticky fingers were the result of enjoying a few wings, some big meatballs in a sweet marinara and a sausage dog. Big meatballsNewcastle Festival  With a bottle of water, all that food only cost us 8$.  Having purchased some food at a Virginia Tech basketball game the previous night, the small town prices for delicious food were welcome.  A big fat sausage dog for only $2.  I paid $4 for a bottle of water at the game!  Down the street we enjoyed a pretty good bowl of chili for only $2 and that money went to a charity

The purpose of the festival was a little controversial so WDBJ 7 had a videographer/reporter on hand.  Frankie Jupiter, one of our favorite local reporters (and the coolest name) was set up to interview and record the events. Frankie Jupiter from WDBJ 7Newcastle Festival  Christi is a celebrity watcher so we had to introduce ourselves and get a photo. Newcastle Open Carry Day  Frankie was kind and full of personality and it was a pleasure to meet him.  WDBJ has a star in the making

What was the controversial theme of the festival? Newcastle Open Carry Day   It was the first annual Open Carry Day in Newcastle.  Sponsored by area businesses The Emporium (not the one in Blacksburg) and 11 Bravo Training, the day was a celebration of the Second Amendment and the fact in Virginia you can openly carry a firearm.  I don't want to to debate the topic, I am a photographer and journalist.  This festival is part of the culture of Southwest Virginia and we were too busy trying to get the recipe for those yummy chicken wings to pay much attention to the speakers.  The festival really needed a band.  Next year get a band.

Good (really good) food, Google Glass, Frankie Jupiter, and heading out we saw this tree covered with coffee mugs.  Somebody explain that to us.  That night we went to the CD launch party of a great acoustic band, Letters to Abigail, at the Pulaski Theater.  It was free and I did not have my camera, bummer.  But a great Saturday.    The Mug Tree, why?Newcastle Open Carry Day



charliephoto@whitescarverphoto.com (Whitescarver Photography, LLC) Google Glass Jupiter Newcastle festival open carry https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/newcastle Sun, 17 Nov 2013 16:49:29 GMT
Appalachian Folk Arts at RU, October 2013 https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/appalachian-folk Heated by a wood fire, the boiling cauldron of apples, sugar, and spices bubbled and splattered on its way to becoming sweet apple butter. The lawn in front of Heath Hall on the Radford University campus was the location of this fall mountain ritual. The Appalachian Events Committee (AEC) of Radford University was hosting their 28th Folk Arts Festival this past Saturday. Appalachian Folklife at RU


Appalachian Folklife at RU The AEC is a student organization focused on the study and preservation of the history and culture of the Appalachian region. This year’s Chair, Brenna Ishler, is a Senior majoring in Social Work. The committee is comprised of fifteen students who believe that showcasing and preserving Appalachian culture is important to the area.


The event was free and open to the public and gave visitors the opportunity to meet craftsmen and artisans engaged in traditional occupations and crafts.


Billy Phelps of Woodlawn has been practicing blacksmithing for forty years. Steel rods were heated until glowing red and spectators watched as he hammered them into shapes. The clanging of his hammer on steel on his anvil echoed between the buildings of the campus.


Appalachian Folklife at RU Down the sidewalk a short ways Brad Smith of Hillsville was carving roosters from wood. Wood shavings appeared to fly from his hands as he worked green wood sticks into stately looking roosters. “The wood has to have the right moisture content or the feathers won’t bend right,” said Smith. 


Karl Hunter of Pulaski captivated onlookers with his knowledge of bees and honey. Hunter admits to being obsesses with bees and selectively breeds queens and sells them all over the country. “On a good day I only get stung five times, on a bad day maybe 65 stings,” said Hunter. Hunter displayed a see through beehive and was selling his honey.


Appalachian Folklife at RU Little dolls made from corn husks by Verily Simpkins of Hiwassee exhibited amazing detail and personality. Simpkins has been making the dolls for twenty-eight years. The process starts with gathering husks and dyeing them. She said “the dolls kind of make themselves.”


Another product from a different type of corn, corn brooms, were on display by Micah and John Alexander. From Grayson County, John Alexander also makes walking sticks.


Throughout the day acoustic music was provided by several groups. The day opened with the vocal duo called Little Sparrow. Mary Dailey and Jeanne Hoffman from Lewisburg, West Virginia, provided sweet harmonies and strong vocals.


Wood carving, quilt making, tatting, pencil sketching, and other crafts were on display and the crowd of all ages enjoyed the fine weather on the campus lawn. Appalachian life of a hundred years ago was much more difficult than today and most likely the crowd did not appreciate that the crafts being demonstrated were necessities of life at one time. Remembering and preserving that culture is the purpose of the Appalachian Events Committee and the Folk Arts Festival.

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Superhero Obstacle Challenge https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/superhero-obstacle-challenge  

Sunday morning came cool and damp with a slow drizzle keeping the ground wet and slippery in the woods at Mid-County Park. But that did not deter Superman, Batman, the Hulk and several other superheros and die-hard fitness enthusiasts from competing in the Superhero Obstacle Course Challenge.


The three mile race through the woods with obstacles was organized by Triadventure Multisport Training in Blacksburg. Anne Jones, the principle of Triadventure, LLC, was the Tennis Coach at Virginia Tech until 2000. She now trains endurance athletes and organizes and promotes races.

Superhero Challenge

The three mile course was through the woods on some trails just wide enough for one competitor. Up and down hills, over bridges and through the mud; runners also had to contend with a course made more treacherous by the wet conditions. Add cargo nets, log carries, rope climbs, hurdles, balance beams, and other obstacles, and you have a three mile race to challenge even superheros.


And the fun part part was competitors were encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero and run the course. Prizes for best costume were awarded as well as best times on the course.


Every competitor received a t-shirt and a participation medal after completing the course. “I expect some runners to finish the course in about thirty minutes but some will take an hour,” said Jones. The first heat launched down the steep hill at the start at 8:00AM.


Three heats were launched about fifteen minutes apart. Each heat saw runners head down the hill take a sharp left and disappear into the woods. What started as as large groups quickly turned into single file on the narrow trails with the quicker runners breaking away from the packs. The superheros negotiated the obstacles and emerged from the woods about thirty minutes later sweating, muddy, and some with bruises and scrapes.

Superhero Challenge

Volunteers from the Virginia Tech and Christiansburg Rescue Squads were on the trail and at the start and finish line to take care of any injuries. There skills were not needed even with the rain slickened trails.


Volunteers were stationed throughout to keep runners from straying off the course. Getting lost was possibility as many different trails wind their way through the woods of the park.


The last obstacle was an imposing wall that required many runners to get some help climbing to the top and getting over. By that time some runners were exhausted, only to find the final stretch was a run up a steep slope on slippery wet grass. At the finish each runner was given a medal and cheers from the crowd and the runners who finished earlier. There was great camaraderie evident among the participants. The finish also included a cookout with soft drinks and water.


Comments among the runners were all positive and ranged from “I want to do it again” to “that was really rough”. James Mann of Christiansburg, dressed in a Star Trek uniform said it was his first obstacle course but he would definitely do it again.


The fastest time was achieved by Pierce Meikle with a time of 37:37. Superhero Challenge

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Sinkland Farm Pumpkins and Oktoberfest https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/sinkland-farm-pumpkins-and-oktoberfest  

My story for The News Messenger...enjoy.


Sinkland Farms on Route 8 in Riner is holding their annual Pumpkin Festival on weekends in October and last weekend it also saw the addition of Oktoberfest. The Pumpkin Festival at Sinkland Farms has been a popular event for many years and adding an Oktoberfest dinner and celebration was a logical addition. Although the Pumpkin Festival stretches over several weekends, the Oktoberfest was only this last Friday and Saturday.


Sinkland Farms Oktoberfest 2013































       The Pumpkin festival features local vendors like Grandma Alice’s Apple Butter of Blacksburg. They were making apple butter the old fashioned way in a large copper kettle over a wood fire; constantly stirring to breakdown the apples into a smooth consistency that tastes great on a hot biscuit. Sinkland Farms Pumpkin Festival 2013


The festival has pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even shoot smaller pumpkins out of a massive, custom built, pneumatic pumpkin cannon. For a few dollars you can aim and fire a pumpkin over one hundred yards down range. 


Music was provided last Saturday by the Nostalgic But Cool Band featuring Jerry Lee VonDell on guitar. He was the former lead guitarist for the VonDells. Classic rock emanated across the field of the festival as parents and children picked out their pumpkins.


Inside the store the line for ice cream was out the door and Red Rooster Roasters of Floyd brewed coffee by the the cup. Kettle corn and other snacks were available throughout the day.


The Corn Maze was themed Gone Fishin’. It featured twelve stations that educated maze walkers on what the world would be like without corn. The maze is open on weekends until eight at night and flashlights are issued to navigate in the dark.


The Oktoberfest celebration was held in the event barn and was sold out both Friday and Saturday nights. German cuisine was served by Classic Caterers and included home made bratwurst, beer braised chicken, braised red cabbage and apples, potato cakes, hot potato salad and Black Forest chocolate chip cookies, to name just part of the buffet.


The Sauerkraut band, led by Director Ed Schwartz, provided entertainment for the evening. The event barn was turned into a festhall as the brass sounds of traditional Bavarian music compelled diners to sway in their seats, dance to polka music, and toast to the words of Ein Prosit Der Gemutlichkeit. Schwartz served in the army in Bavaria and for twenty-five years has kept the Sauerkraut band playing and yodeling around Virginia. Sinkland Farms Oktoberfest 2013


Beer was available to those of age and was served by volunteers from the Intellectual Disabilities Agency of the New River Valley, with all proceeds going to the agency.  The IDA, a United Way partner agency, provides social, recreational, educational activities and advocacy for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the New River Valley. 


The weather completely cooperated for both events with lots of sunshine and a little cool in the evening. The Pumpkin Festival happens every weekend in October and Oktoberfest will most likely be back again next year.

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Radford RiverFest and Chili Cookoff https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/radford-riverfest-and-chili-cookoff This is the article I wrote to cover the Radford RiverFest and Chili Cookoff held September 28.

Bissett Park was buzzing with activity this past Saturday. Organizers arrived in the wee hours to prepare for the fifth annual NRV Chili Cookoff and had to dodge the runners from the Carilion 5K run that started at 9:00am. While cars and trucks unloaded stoves, decorations, and chili fixings, Michelle Linkous, Chamber of Commerce Director, made sure everyone knew what to do.


The Gazebo served as the center of attention surrounded by tents covering the chili cooks and vendors. As morning progressed chili cooking teams from around the NRV began prepping the ingredients to make gallon upon gallon of chili. The smell of sautéing vegetables carried across the venue and teased the early crowd.


Over on the tennis courts the Bloodmobile began accepting donations as the last runners and walkers in the 5K crossed the finish line. In the Gazebo the Southern Nights Band set up equipment and performed sound checks. The chili cooks greeted the inspector from the Virginia Health Department and all cooks passed his scrutiny and received permits to officially start cooking.


Jack Murphy with the Thompson-Litton chili team set out signs to remind everyone that his team won last year. Intimidation is part of the fun of chili cookoffs. “We are successful because it’s a group effort,” said Murphy. Chilifest Radford 2013


The NRV Chili Cookoff has been held in the parking lot that is used for the Farmer’s Market, in the parking lot on West Main Street in front of the old location of Central Lumber and this year returned to Bissett Park. The area was cordoned off to permit selling beer and visitors received appropriate wrist bands to prove age. Radford police officers strolled the venue and no trouble was apparent throughout the day. Only people having a good time.

Chilifest Radford 2013

The Cub Scouts were in attendance to sell popcorn for fundraising. They proved to be persuasive purveyors of their several varieties of the popular treat. If you needed an instant fix of popcorn, Lil’ Bit Corny, a Radford gourmet popcorn business was on hand selling sweet, savory, and spicy hot popcorn.

Chilifest Radford 2013

The Southern Nights Band played a variety of music from classic country to classic rock and roll. When they took a break the the Mountain Dream Cloggers and the Dixie Dream Dancers entertained the crowd. All the while the chili cooks had their pots simmering and began to give out samples to a waiting crowd.


There were kids activities including an inflatable slide, face painting, and Sparky the Robotic Fire Dog. The beer truck had a constant line as people tasting chili needed some relief from the spicy concoctions.


The chili teams turned in their samples to the judges at 1:45 but there was still plenty left for the crowd to taste. Not only were the cooks competing for a trophy for best chili as determined by a panel of distinguished judges but also an award for best chili as determined by crowd voting. Tuck Chiropractic takes the trophy Chilifest Radford 2013


At 4:00pm the moment arrived to announce the winners. Emcee David Horton of Radford University did the honors of presenting the awards. The People’s Choice Award went to the team from Volvo Trucks. They have also competed in the Virginia State Championship Chili Cookoff and displayed several of their trophies. 


Third place as determined by the judges went to the New River Bicycle Association, second place went to last year’s winner, Thompson-Litton. And, the winner of the NRV Chili Cookoff was the team from Tuck Chiropractic Clinic in Radford led by Dr. Benjamin Bowman. They will have bragging rights until next year and took home the coveted Fire Extinguisher Trophy.

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Wedding and Wine Festival at Nesselrod https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/wedding-and-wine-festival-at-nesselrod  

My article for the Radford News messenger....


The Nesselrod on the New Bed and Breakfast was the site for a new approach to bridal shows this past Sunday. The fist annual Wedding and Wine Festival took advantage of the beautiful gardens perched over the New River. Brides-to-be strolled the gardens to preview and meet vendors of wedding services.


Alyce Haynes of ASG Productions, LLC, said “we wanted a different approach to the warehouse style bridal show.” ASG Productions, LLC, produced the event along with Nesselrod on the New Bed and Breakfast. Thirty vendors were available Sunday showcasing their services and products.


Chelsie Hall and Marvin Flinchum have set their wedding date for September of 2014 and attended the festival to get more ideas. Venues, caterers, photographers, and musicians were just some of the services they were able to talk to and discuss their big day. They were accompanied by Flinchum’s mother, Wanda. It was a group effort to explore the possibilities for the upcoming nuptials. Wedding and Wine 2013


Along with the bridal show Attimo Winery of Christiansburg and Coltsfoot Winery from Abingdon were set up to provide tastings. The wine tasting area proved popular as it also provided tables for resting and talking. Purchasers of a wine tasting ticket were provided a tasting glass. If you did not care for wine you could purchase a walking ticket. Wedding and Wine 2013


The sun jumped in and out of behind clouds providing at times welcome warmth and then cooling everyone off with a stiff breeze. The tree lined paths led visitors from one area to the next. In one area vendors had their own tents and in another a large tent housed a variety of vendors. 


After a couple decides to tie the knot there are dozens of decisions to make and the festival provided answers. You could talk to photographers and view their work, sample food from caterers, shop for jewelry, find out if a DJ had all the music you wanted, meet florists, and taste wedding cakes. All while enjoying the first day of Fall.


Ken Jones of Hooptie Ride in Blacksburg brought a stretch limo that seats eight. Another transportation option available was Laurel Springs Percherons, a horse drawn carriage so you could arrive at your wedding in equine style. Wedding and Wine 2013


Serena Atkins of Slumber Parties talked to brides about hosting bachelorette parties, no men allowed. Li’l Bit Corny, a gourmet flavored popcorn vendor in Radford shared samples and told visitors how they could have custom popcorn for their wedding. Wedding and Wine 2013


Visitors were entered into a raffle and were eligible for a number of door prizes including a free wedding for up to 50 guests. 

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You will not break my camera... https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/8/you-will-not-break-my-camera This is not a complaint, just an observation and a statement of fact.  I had the privilege of photographing teams during a golf tournament that benefitted the Shriners.  Each group, mostly men, made the comment they "might break my camera."  I just wanted to say, no you won't.  Photographing people doing what they like to do is fun and inspiring to me.  There are no forced smiles; just genuine happiness.  Happiness because they are doing what they like to do; and that makes them photogenic.  Have someone take photographs of you doing what you like to do and you will always end up with a good photograph; and everyone deserves a good photograph.  And, you will not break my camera.

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Best Foot Forward https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/best-foot-forward Zig Ziegler said if you had a million dollar race horse would you let them stay up all night drinking and smoking cigarettes?  The answer is, of course, no.  The point being don't do things that detract or negatively affect your performance.  So why do so many businesses continue to post poor photos on the web?  I get that everyone has a camera, and spontaneous events are fun to capture and share, but businesses should also strive to showcase employees, products, and services in their best light.  That requires an experienced photographer.  Put your best foot forward, contact me for professional photographs.

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New Year https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/1/new-year 2013 arrived and Christi and I celebrated with sparkling cider.  When I looked in the fridge, for what I hoped was champagne, all I found was sparkling cider.  Not disappointed, we watched the ball drop, lamented the loss of Dick Clark, kissed, then went to bed.  We had just spent five days in Las Vegas, so celebrating at home was just fine with us.  From a photographer's perspective, Las Vegas is an endless river of interesting faces.  Too bad you can't get permission from all of them to sell the pictures you take.  I did take a few pictures of presumably homeless souls begging on the strip; and each one I gave a little money.  It is hard to tell the truly needy from the hucksters in Vegas.  One guy actually had a sign that read "need money for beer".  At least he was honest.

Hard work will result (notice the resolve) in a good year.  Other photographers I have spoken with lament the decline of business they attribute to every phone being a camera.  But I see every phone as being a poor camera and still room for quality images.  Nobody would dare compare an iPhone photo wedding or event with the results from an experienced photographer with a good DSLR; they would be disappointed.

The alpha cat is howling, so I will end this entry.  Time to feed the cat.  Have a great year; I am looking forward to it. 

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Holiday Spirit https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/12/holiday-spirit 'Tis the season, happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, these are the greetings we all hear this time of year.  But why can't we be this nice to each other all year?  Is it the anticipation of a New Year and the hope that a new year will bring something different and better to our lives?  Our lives do contain many cycles that revolve around a calendar; and that cyclic change does make life interesting.  But I like to think that being nice to each other does not depend on a calendar.  My Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year, Winter Solstice (and any other observances) wish is that the "holiday spirit" stay with all of us past January 1 and continues with no end in sight.  Giving to charity should not be motivated by a tax deductions, food banks need donations year round, and offering a helping hand or a smile should be a habit.  We will all be happier when we treat each other the way we want to be treated.  Enjoy your holidays, and keep the holiday spirit alive throughout the year.

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Black Friday https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/11/black-friday It's Black Friday.  Going shopping?  Can't pass up those deals?  Are you really saving money or just spending money?  Having been in retailing on and off, selling everything from cameras to refrigerators to tennis balls to snow skis, I know the excitement from both sides of the cash register.  The shopper getting a good deal and the merchant making a needed sale.  Let me offer some thoughts.  The big box stores have tremendous buying power and are not afraid to use it by selling you certain items at a loss.  They advertise them as door busters, but the retailer calls them loss-leaders, meaning they are selling below cost, willing to loose money, to get you in the door and up sell you to a profitable item that costs more or convince you to buy more items, ones that are profitable.  Small merchants don't have the buying power and therefore not the luxury of offering such low prices.  They hope to get your business by giving you great service.  Service, by helping you make an educated buying decision.  Service, by  helping you understand how to use the product correctly.  Service, by being there when you need help after the sale.  They can offer this service because most likely they are passionate about the product they sell and know it well.  Product knowledge they are proud to share.  Earlier this week I helped a couple hook up a television.  I don't sell TVs, remember, I'm a photographer; but the place he made the purchase wouldn't help without charging a fee.  Yep, the big boxes want you to pay for service.  I am going to stop before this stops being a blog and turns into a rant.  Just remember, you get what you pay for.

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Wii is injured. https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/10/wii-is-injured It was a cold and rainy day.  We felt the need for exercise.  Let's play tennis said my sweet wife.  We played, I won, I sprained my knee.  The next day my knee was swelled up like roadkill on a hot day; and it hurt.  To the doctor, to the hospital, to radiology, to icepacks and anti-inflammatory meds that turn your stomach.  Call the clients, tell them you are a klutz, reschedule to a time you hope you can walk better.  They were all good and wished me a speedy recovery.  Time to put the ice pack back on.

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Warbirds in Blacksburg https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/warbirds-in-blacksburg Going with my father to watch two vintage warbirds fly into Blacksburg was a double treat for me.  I think I got some great shots of the B-25 and the P-51 (the Liberator and the Mustang); but the thrill was hearing my Dad talk of his time in the Air Force during WWII.  He wasn't a pilot, he was the ground mechanic who kept the planes flying.  He talked with other veterans about the engines and the engineering that put these planes in the air.  You cannot dismiss the knowledge and the expertise of the mechanics that serviced these war machines.  Compared to modern aviation, they are dinosaurs, but in their day they carried the "greatest generation" to victory in Europe and the Pacific.  The day spent with my Dad was the highlight.  I hope you will view the Gallery. 

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Day 3 https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/day-3 I saw a Harley in a parking lot today.  Does anything on two wheels evoke more machismo than a Harley?  I took a few photos until I noticed the rider's helmet on the handlebar.  It was the dangerous looking half-helmet; guaranteed to help you leave your face on the pavement in a fall.  It was covered with stickers declaring the fate of anyone who would mess with this bike in colorful language not suitable for this website.  I looked around, no one in sight, but I left quickly.  Got one good picture.


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Day 1 https://whitescarverphotographyllc.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/9/day-1 Finally, back behind the camera.  Of course, it's raining heavily so I am not compelled to go outside.  Sleeping beside me in my office is the alpha cat of the house, Doodlebug.  I have many pictures of this handsome "tuxedo" cat; one I posted this morning on my Face Book page.  He has had two surgeries and a radiation treatment.  We are lucky to be living close to the Virginia-Maryland School of Veterinary Medicine.  They have helped keep Doodlebug going.  I appreciate all my friends who have visited this new website and I will do my best to keep you entertained and serve my clients well.  Everyone deserves a good photograph.

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